2023 Grad Show

ya wen

AUArts Grad Show 202205-van11



Ya is a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Vancouver and Calgary. Her work reflects her love for life and her constant search for discovery, expressed through various media. Ya's art practice often explores the intersection between the emptiness of life and the reality of living, and she naively believes that only the mundane can counteract the eternal.

She is filled with curiosity and respect for the ordinary things in daily life and seeks to profane their meanings by reassembling them to prompt viewers to reconsider their inherent perceptions. Through her art, Ya questions the meaning each object has been given by the past and seeks to construct a new significance for its present. Ya believes that the creative and exploratory process itself is the result and confrontation of the contradictions between the individual's subjective perceptions and objective reality.

Calgary Tower

Ongoing project. For more detail: https://yaaawen.com/Calgary-Tower

Forty Breaths

Through ceremonial placement of forms and bold brushstrokes, the artist creates a heterotopia space that contrasts with reality. The artwork challenges traditional notions of spatial boundaries and prompts the viewer to reflect on the nature of their surroundings and the order within them. By creating a visual contrast between forms and spaces, the artist questions the validity of spatial boundaries and highlights the arbitrariness of their existence.

Seal and Vaccum

Drawing inspiration from philosopher Timothy Morton's concept of Hyperobjects, the artist seeks to explore the almost transcendent entanglement between Hyperobjects and humanity that transcends time.
Plastic is one such Hyperobject that flows like air in every corner of modern society, to the point where it is taken for granted and overlooked. Through the use of three-dimensional forms, the artist deconstructs and reconstructs the movement, order, and chaos of two-dimensional images in society. By omitting the description of the environment in which the figures exist, a new order and rules are quietly reconstructed within the sculptural space.

The World Is In My Hand. When.

For more detail: https://yaaawen.com/The-World-Is-In-My-Hand

ZINE: Peachy

For more detail: https://yaaawen.com/Peachy

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