2023 Grad Show

Ian Jay Gingco

AUArts Grad Show PROFILE

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


My artistic practice is motivated by creating pieces of work that people can hold and engage with. With my years of working with offset and digital printers, as well as having table top games being a prominent hobby of mine, my interest in creating game pieces with custom artwork to add flavour and personality to this form of entertainment. The different illustrations and story beats that an illustrated game piece can portray to show amazing scenes in different worlds that people engage with when playing with table top games. These scenes are a magical portal to escape with the people you play these games with, and being able to bring these to life that you can touch and play with brings me much joy. Bringing a touch of personality to the games that you play is a great way to break the ice with meeting new people when playing these games at a local game store, and being able to create these gaming pieces for others to create these social bonds and to have something they can covet is what I strive for with every piece I put out there.

Personal Works: my Anime Style

Outside of classes, lectures, and drawing excersizes, I use what I have learned to create pieces in my own style and flavour. Anime and J-Pop culture is a huge inspiration on my work, and I believe the art world needs to take the style a lot more seriously. A lot of the techniques and skills required to render photo realistic images still apply to the highly stylized and poppy work that is in anime. I grow and embrace this style proudly and I encourage anyone who enjoys this kind of work to continue to celebrate it and create it.

Marine Iguana Anthropomorphic

This is was a study to create a fantasy creature mixing an animal and a human being, and deconstruct it from base to muscle to bone and have it be believable.

Token Fantasy High

This is a series of creature tokens imagined for the popular collectible card game Magic: the Gathering. I created these popular creature tokens used in the game to both bring my own flair to the game, but as well as to explore a different world not usually explored in high fantasy: modern day high school.

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