2023 Grad Show

Jinkai Zhang

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Character Designer & Illustrator

Non-Government Funded Travel

Non-Government Funded Travel is a 2D 45 degree view action game. In this world, Earth is highly technologically advanced and has reached a position of parity with Heaven and Hell. In the game you take on the role of Semi, a professional agent who is half unicorn and half demon. At the beginning of the game, you discover your employer, the highest power on Earth, the President of the Mortal Republic, dead in his office in the Hexagon building. As the first witness and fully armed, you naturally become the prime suspect. Of course, you can't just be arrested, because you have your mission to find out who is really behind it.

Book Cover Design for Liu Cixin's Collection

The book cover design of Liu Cixin's The Three Body Problem and The Wandering Earth, along with a commemorative coin design for the author.


Some of my independent character design works.


In this project I have modified the bottom of the passage between Sait and Auarts and the ceiling of the Ctrain station. I painted a mural of different heads of people, which was painted in highly saturated neon tones to enhance recognition. The people in the mural are all looking directly at the viewer, in order to create the effect of looking up at the person who sees it, to create a spatial dislocation: which side is up?
The style of the mural has been designed to be very simple, as most people passing the bottom of the passage are drivers, which helps to give them a quick grasp of the subject matter even at a glance.


Freewalk is a soda brand that focuses on healthy, sugar-free sodas. With a kiwi as its mascot, it uses comic-style illustrations to convey the idea of a leisurely lifestyle. The light and bright colour scheme and illustrations depicting moments of calmness bring consumers a zero-stress drinking experience.

Non-Government Funded Travel_ Character Design

Character design sheets for Non-Government Funded Travel.

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