2023 Grad Show

Kitt Stone

AUArts Grad Show Modernized Circe-01

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

In the pursuit of beauty, laugh.

"BEEF" MADT Cutout Animation

A Video Project for Media and Design Technology using scans of magazines to create an animation.

"Black Pelican Soda" Design Project

For Mike Kerr's VSCM 425 A class, I designed a soda brand and created variants for flavors and limited marketing applications.

"Gentle Agony" Process-based Font

Gentle agony is a font I generated from a personal library of appealing shapes. If you would like to license it's use, please email me and I will provide pricing information.

Industrial Tea Steeper 3D Model

Using calipers to measure all parts from a tea steeper, I created a 3D model to the specifications of the real object. I used Rhino and Grasshopper to model and render.

Kingkiller Chronicles Deluxe Book Covers

A deluxe redesign of Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles series, complete with a commemorative coin design, and rendered using Blender. This project was an undertaking directed by Tividar Bote for his VSCI 426B class. The project has not been sent to print.

Nest Bed Adjustable Design

This 3D coding project, for Bryan Cera's OBDF 310A class, was an exercise in adjustable design. For my project, I made a circular bed design with many togglable features, all of which are adjustable. Such features include a headboard, shelving, bedding feet, and more. I also created eight menus for myself to adjust things easier, I have included the largest as an example. For the final I took the Bed base from rhino and decorated it in blender for final renders using materials and cloth physics.

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