2023 Grad Show

Katherine Denney

AUArts Grad Show Untitled Artwork

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Higher Ground Ideation

The premise and characters for Higher Ground spanned the entirety of 4th year, as I had much research to conduct on a culture and event I did not participate in physically. The most fun I had was going through and putting ideas down traditionally in my sketchbooks and bringing them in digitally, so here is a small collection of some of that planning work I did before going into the comic.

"Higher Ground" Pilot Comic Pages

These are some of my favourite pages of an 8 page comic based on a story that spanned throughout my 4th year work. As for the story itself, I was inspired by the stories of survival from those who endured the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. Though my characters are fictional, I did my best to create them and their experiences believable and emotional. I aspire to have this story be a multi-volume series that explores the lives of the characters before, during and after the natural disaster, but this comic is a brief taste of what befalls the characters in the wake of catastrophe.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A commemorative series of illustrations focused on the prolific female Victorian poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Included are mockups of book covers for two of her most famous works of poetry, as well as a stamp design for potential circulation in her native country of England.

Traditional Japanese Clothing Book

I was interested in studying clothing during a figure illustration course in 4th year, so this was a great opportunity to examine clothing and having it be focused on a culture I'm interested in. I researched various traditional Japanese garments during the semester and compiled what I learned into this brief illustrated book!

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