2023 Grad Show

Lucas Andersen

AUArts Grad Show 20230518_152001


The focus of my current body of work centers around mental heath and draws inspiration from my experiences with altered/warped perception and visual hallucinations. In my work I will utilize familiar objects and forms combined with illusions and/or visual distortions to bring aspects of personal visual hallucinations which are unseen by others into reality. With my work representations of hallucinations can be seen and experienced concretely by others, and by making this work I am creating an intersection between formless hallucinations/visual distortions, and reality. Giving solid form to beings and objects that otherwise only exist in glimpses belonging to a space adjacent to, but not of reality as we know it.

Shadow in the Distance

This piece is a direct representation of one of my most vivid hallucinations.


These three pieces are a part of a series that explores the term desolation (defined as a state of complete emptiness or destruction). All three of the pieces have been permanently altered by fire and extreme exposure to heat resulting in woven pieces that are discolored and melted versions of what they once were.

Rat Orb!! Orb of Rats!

A monstrous ball of rat heads and skeletal fingers inspired by the natural phenomenon of rat kings.


A cluster of arms and hands inspired by a recurring hallucination of arms that reach from around corners and retreat out of sight and into shadows. I imagine they are all connected by a single source from where they extend into my view.

The Cat and the Snail

The Cat and Snail is a piece woven in an overshot method, the pattern woven is an alteration of the traditional weaving pattern “Cat Track and Snail Trail” or otherwise known as “Wandering Vine”. With bright synthetic colours this piece is a playful exploration of a traditional method and weaving pattern.

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