2023 Grad Show

Lian Fajardo

AUArts Grad Show A7CC18DF-8AB3-43F2-A7EA-C452948EF773

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


With my work, I wanted to focus a lot on developing strong colours and interesting characters. I've always gravitated towards video games and other media that have a unique style and I feel that has shaped my own style and craft in many ways. I try to always maintain that love for creating characters in all of my work. Even in my more illustrative pieces, I'll try to find interesting ways of incorporating a character to bring life to the piece itself.

Cryptid Environment Cubes

A series of environment cubes following the adventures of a rookie researcher as he discovers a world of wonderful creatures. With these I wanted to explore specifically European cryptids, so each one revolves around a different creature that can be found in European folklore.

Information Illustrations

Some infographics I made in the Information Illustrations class.

The Tale of King Arthur: Reimagined

A set of illustrations that reimagines and recontextualizes the tale of King Arthur. Two of the illustrations I use to depict scenes in their original context while with in the other two, I reimagine the Knights of the Roundtable and King Arthur as a group of friends hanging out with a focus on sort of 80s aesthetics.

Various Character Work

A collection of character focused work I’ve done.

Vera Comic - “Price of Power”

A few pages from a comic I made in tandem with the Vera illustrations. Caught in moment of reflection, the demon Vera had made a pact with tries to break her mind through fear. However, it does not work because Vera is long past regrets.

Vera’s Journey

A series of illustrations that revolve around an original character I had made for class. They depict the rise to power but fall into darkness of Vera, a small time thief who stumbles upon a dark power that promises her everything she desires. The main inspiration for this was 1920s mafia meets eldritch horror.

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