2023 Grad Show

Laura Holck

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Large-scale works create immersive environments; viewers are invited to imagine themselves part of new and life-giving landscapes, transcending what is observed in the "real" world. These large-scale works experiment with materials, imaginative world creation, and seemingly gravity-defying engineering. What do you say is possible?

Genesis: New Worlds

Genesis: New Worlds

ceramic, copper
22' x 8'

Every object originates from a concentration of energy, matter, imagination and intention. Moving outward from a generative source, planets and stars spill into the universe, inventions flood the marketplace, music fills the airwaves, ideas become corporeal. Everything begins somewhere, springing forth from a creative source and birthed into being. Seeming to arise from nowhere in particular, every genesis heralds the appearance of a new world, evoking awe and wonder at the diversity and power of creativity itself.

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