2023 Grad Show

Louise McFadyen

AUArts Grad Show IMG_3286


Cont:The Great Barrier Reef: Underwater Metropolis

Final page of The Great Barrier Reef: Underwater Metropolis, and detail photos.

The Great Barrier Reef: Underwater Metropolis

A hard, fabric covered book measuring 16 x 20” and 40” wide when open.
This book was made with concern for coral, and the many species that live alongside and within it, and the role it plays in the balance of earths many systems.
In thinking about such vast things it seemed natural to make a vastly larger book, researching species, dying, printing embroidering and sewing each applique by hand was time to also be thinking of the ways in which these creatures each experience the effects of coral reef loss, a time to honour such a beautifully unique and diverse yet vulnerable place.
Dyed, silkscreen printed then appliqued into a book. Materials include: Linen, cotton, silk and cotton embroidery threads, and book board.

The Regent Honeyeater and His Gum Tree.

Dyed and silkscreen printed on cotton. This work highlights an interesting and unique endangered Australian bird, and the old growth trees that are so crucial to their diet.

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