2023 Grad Show

Liam Skidmore

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am many things to many people. Some have called me "Illustrator", "Animator", "Guy Who Knows a Lot of Sword Facts". No matter what name you address me by, I make pretty pictures of characters that I think look cool. If you think they look cool too, then I'm clearly doing something right.
One day I hope to leverage my incredible good looks, adequate drawing skills, and general tuxedo-mask-esque air of charming mystery to create unforgettable worlds and stories that ask the important, all-consuming questions of life. For example, "could a cowboy and a wizard ever be friends?". I daresay they could.

City of Ghosts

Research project - a variation of Cyberpunk using elements from traditional Central Asian culture

Comics and Graphic Novels

A smattering of comics projects ranging from the sincere to the bizarre. Most of these were made for comics tournaments, events where two artists' characters are pitted against each other and must each write a short comic under a tight deadline depicting the battle.

Crime of the Century

a walk cycle animation... with a twist


Design and development of a book cover for Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein. The final illustration takes cues from surgical illustrations of the era, mixed with more modern graphic elements and bold shading.

Information Illustration

A series of projects done for an Information Illustrations class.

Smoke Break

A character piece, trying to focus on subtle acting, light, and a cinematic mood

Terror and Erebus

A series of illustrations based on the poem of the same name by Gwendolyn Macewen, about the doomed Franklin arctic expedition.

The Abysswalker's Tarot

A personal project centered around original characters in a gothic fantasy world. Sufficed to say our hero is not having a good time by any definition of the term.

The Shifting City

Selected concept work for an imagined roguelite mail-delivery game set in the decaying shambles of a once high-tech city.
This work was inspired by a previous work, City of Ghosts, which I wanted to explore and develop further.

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