2023 Grad Show

Myrrha Tekya

AUArts Grad Show IMG_6670

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My name is Myrrha and I am a graphic designer with a focus on art direction, branding, and UX design. In my work I strive to blend functionality with aesthetic brilliance, to create design that provokes thought and leaves a lasting impression. Fuelled by good playlist curation and the good old warmth and grain of film, I enjoy seeking inspiration in unexpected places, while embracing life with contagious enthusiasm and curiosity.

Arizona Zero Proof

Arizona Zero Proof is a line of non-alcoholic cocktails that challenges social expectations of drinking. Inspired by classic cocktails, these zero proof drinks are designed to seamlessly fit into social situations where alcohol is the expected norm. The launch campaign leverages Arizona's powerful brand loyalty to disrupt what it means to go out for a drink with friends. The design style plays off a vintage retro feel, starting off a broader brand refresh for Arizona.


Solstice is an innovative weather service designed specifically for farmers, providing personalized and accurate field-level weather data to optimize agricultural operations. It provides the human side to weather data with a deep understanding of the importance of precision agriculture, aiming to maximize yields, preserve resources, and enhance worker safety through reliable and customized weather information.

TL;DR Magazine

TL;DR is a quarterly magazine that captures the essence of digital culture, exploring what it means to be alive in the age of technology. By showcasing the diverse voices and perspectives that make up our generation we want to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that technology is having on our lives. With TL;DR, you'll get a snapshot of the moments that define our online culture, extracted from the digital world and brought to life.

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