2023 Grad Show

Mckayla MacDonald-Dixon

AUArts Grad Show Pfp

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am Mckayla, an artist with the desire to bring characters to life and embrace the fantastical and whimsical. I enjoy designing characters with detailed stories and worlds, illustrating magical effects, and using stylized and exaggerated lighting as a key element to visual narrative.

Character Concept Designs and Illustrations

This collection demonstrates my process through character design as well as showcases some of my finished character illustrations. These pieces visualize the conceptualization of clothing design for character, as well as layouts, turn arounds, expressions and poses, as well as experimentation into lighting and composition.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.