2023 Grad Show

Madeline Nevelos

AUArts Grad Show togie

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Madeline Nevelos is an illustrator and character designer based in Calgary, AB. Her work is primarily digital, and is heavily inspired by the punky attitudes and fun designs in the video games she grew up playing. Her favourite subjects to draw are female characters and vibrant, colourful environments, all packed with detail. She's motivated by nature and incorporates it into many of her designs. She can't wait to share her stories with the world!

After graduation, Madeline would like to give back to the community that helped get her where she is today. Madeline finds the most joy in collaborative projects, talking with others, and being able to share ideas. To produce a final product that means as much to the world as it does to her is an invaluable reward. She wants to participate in something more than herself, and create visual development pieces for video games and other digital media.

3D Modelling

Armour Set Concept and Process

Process photos of an armour set based on one of my original characters, Lilith. Fiery and demonic themes mixed with futuristic technology.

Character Illustrations

A collection of various character illustrations.

MAGNOLIUM Illustrations

Pieces for my ongoing personal project "MAGNOLIUM." It is an open-world video game concept that follows the raptor-esque main character, Eyrie, around various planets as she tames creatures and explores the landscapes.

Planet Analog

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