2023 Grad Show

Rory Skuce

AUArts Grad Show Untitled Artwork

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Game Dev + Illustrator + Animator
Interested in folktale, mythology, horror and scientific/anatomical studies.

The Serpent Prince ( A Game Concept)

A game concept/pitch book based on Ukraine paganism and folklore. A narrative based rpg roguelike hack-n-slash.

The Serpent Prince (Beasts and Bosses)

A collection of the games first 3 bosses and their concept art.

The Serpent Prince (Story Characters)

Featuring 3 key non-player characters (NPCs). Each based on eastern Slavic paganism, Pysanka and folklore.

The Serpent Prince (Worldbuilding)

Background + world building for The Serpent Prince videogame.

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