2023 Grad Show

Nadia Perna

AUArts Grad Show nadia.EAWP.bio.image

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


(ir)regular: Magazine Design

For this project, I worked with Cassy Funk to create a magazine from scratch. We started with the crazy idea to make an entire magazine about a single object and never looked back. After creating an identity for our magazine, we spent the rest of the semester researching, writing, and designing our Spoon magazine. Our magazine strives to answer the question: how do the simplest of objects affect our lives and culture? The audience for our magazine are design-focused (or obsessed) people that are always ready to learn more about design and the power of objects.

Analog: Circular Packaging Design

For this project, I created a circular (or closed-loop) business model for office supplies. The idea is that for a truly circular economy to exist, all things must be considered. Even the paper clip that fell beneath the table.

Choice: How to Access Abortion Pills Website

For this project, I created a website that is meant to be a first touch point for people accessing abortion pills in the post-Roe era. It has information on abortion pills and lists reputable places to get them online. Most importantly, it explains how to use TOR browser and exercise internet security.

Hiraeth: Bookstore and Bakery Branding

For this project, I worked in a group with Prakriti Goyal, Paige Stroobant, and Zhenpei Tang. After coming up with the initial idea for a store to brand, we worked to create the mission, purpose, vision, and values for the brand. After our research and strategy was complete we worked together to design a visual system for our bookstore/bakery called Hiraeth.

Plant Integration Table: 3D Design

I completed a minor in Object Design and Fabrication alongside my major. This 3D prototype was created in Rhino and Grasshopper. It was created to integrate plants into furniture. The prototype was 3D printed by me. At actual size, this table would be an average end table size.

Tale of Two LRT Lines: Editorial Spread

This editorial design is created from a January Sprawl article by Jeremy Klaszus. It is comparing the hurdles the Green Line faces in getting built with the original Red Line approval process. The article design is an expression of those barriers and challenges.

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