2023 Grad Show

Nicole Anne Santangelo

AUArts Grad Show NikkiAS_Headhshots10_22_10

Media Arts


My work is concerned with the desire for connection within an increasingly mediated world. Within a diasporic landscape, constituted by globalized capitalism and historically distant spiritualism, my work functions to detail the complexity of the self. My research examines the complexity of the construction of identity within the digital realm, looking at fabricated selfhoods and electronically dispersed personas. As an immigrant, it is common for a displaced individual to feel a lack of self and sense of belonging to a foreign land which can result to latching onto commodities or other-worldly connections to fill the gap.

I propose that by understanding the components that make up one’s selfhood, we become more aware of the impact our actions have on the identity of others. Through my works, I aim to encourage viewers to reflect on their own identities and how they contribute to the identities of those around them. In essence, my objective is to cultivate empathy and facilitate a greater comprehension of the intricate nature of identity in a world increasingly influenced by technology and media.

Video Projection Installations

The parallels of the fleeting nature of digital media with ghosts, memories, and human experience is also present in my works. I attempt to detail the lineages of history as an anchor to ground us to a new sense of reality. Within my practice I utilize projected media to speak of distance and loss from oneself and culture. The use of projections in most of my works portray the loss or distance of my selfhood and culture. By creating immersive environments, I position the viewer as a displaced individual which compels them to empathize with the diasporic community in their displacement.

Ceramic Sculptures


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