2023 Grad Show

sherine lovelin

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My goal as a designer is to create work that communicates a cohesive message and inspires others the way design has inspired me. Along with my passion for design, I am also passionate about cooking and travelling. I am most creative when incorporating these interests into my designs because it allows me to apply different techniques and perspectives.


Space-themed cookbook for kids
This book reflects a family-oriented cooking style that is fun, simple, and nutritious. It is space themed cookbook for children aged 8-12 years old. It also features different chicken dishes worldwide with a small introduction to Tomatosphere. This book is for parents with small kids who are constrained with time and looking for quick, inspirational, simple, and nutritious recipes.

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Designs based on inspirations(David Carson, Alexey Brodovitch and IF Studio) and a Niche Magazine Project.

Niche Magazine Project

Niche Magazine Project (Anthropology)
Why It Matters (WIM)


Genie Display Font

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