2023 Grad Show


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Thea, the creative mind behind Threads by Thea, is a talented Haudenosaunee Kanien’kehaka designer from Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. Her design philosophy is rooted in a craft-based approach that she has been developing since 2018 when she moved to Treaty 7. Over time, Thea's interest in craft led her to explore the world of fashion and garment construction. This was the catalyst that enabled her to combine traditional Haudenosaunee craft with contemporary fashion, creating a unique fusion that is both striking and meaningful. Thea's work reflects her passion for her culture, and her designs are a testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting the beauty and richness of Haudenosaunee traditions. Her approach is both innovative and respectful, and her dedication to her craft is evident in the exceptional quality of her work.

Beading and Weaving

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