2023 Grad Show

Yixin Li

AUArts Grad Show Yixin


I am enthusiastic about caring and helping others. I always believe that every one of my artworks must have a meaning. In my opinion, my work is a method of giving support and encouragement to my audiences. I feel satisfied every time I see others' happy reaction from seeing my artwork. I feel my goal is fulfilled :)

My Little Dreamland Series

I always believe that no matter what I do or make, I always follow my heart. I wish to convey meaning to the artwork. It’s gratifying helping others by bringing them energy with my talents through understanding the stress every person is now experiencing during this difficult time. With My Little Dream Land Series, I am trying my best to help others by reducing their stress levels. In the designing stage, I focused mostly on the word ‘cuteness’. How can I create cute objects and images? How can I make others laugh when seeing my work? These were a few of the questions I always ask myself during the process.

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