2024 Grad Show

Ally Ingram

AUArts Grad Show pic



My practice focuses on creating whimsical and surrealistic oddball editorial and cinematic photography. I used a concept-based system to make photographs that draw fascinating ideas built into my frame. By embracing the 'weird,' I invite viewers to step into my world where reality and fantasy are blended to create narratives that challenge their perspectives on the work. I take inspiration from films and other forms of media to build this world I design in my photography.

When an audience looks at my work, I want to provoke a response that makes them stop and think about what they are looking at; I like them to question why I made those choices and my thought process behind the work.

In creating my photos, I build them to exist in a fictional space where the viewer can understand something unusual. To create these images, I explore lighting and environment design, where the focal point can change by even the slightest alteration of the world they are in.


Photo series of clowns


Work is made in places such as houses, nature, or cityscapes.


A series of fantasy styled photography

Isle of Burning Dreams Series


Various studio work

The Path We Lay Series

A collection of images made outside in collaboration with other artists for nails, the headpiece, nails, and jewelry.


videos created alongside my photography

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