2024 Grad Show

Alexis Prince

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Inspired by the strong women, environments and cultures around me, I use my art to tell stories which can be interpreted differently with each individual. Using mostly digital mediums- I enjoy corporate illustration, patterns and designing Infographs. I enjoy combining traditional mediums with digital such as incorporating ink linework or sketching my designs with graphite before adding colour to it on photoshop. I have experience with various types of freelance illustration. A couple of the bigger projects I’ve done is illustrate the published poetry book ‘Wind Chimes In An Empty World’ by Calgary-based author Aidan Beatty and I have also done various projects for Erabliere Chez Les Petits Princes, a sugar shack located in St-Wenceslas, QC.

Corporate Illustrations

One of my bigger interests in the design field are corporate illustrations. I enjoy creating illustrations for a company or business and have done quite a few during my time at AUArts.


During my third and fourth years at Alberta University of the Arts, I became quite interested in patterns. I spent time studying patterns and experimenting with different ways to make them interesting.

Pet Portraits

During my studies, I have excelled at creating graphic portraits of dogs and cats which I have been selling to people as my own little business.

Rupi Kaur Book Redesign & Commemorative Stamp

For this project, I chose to illustrate 2 poetry collections by Rupi Kaur, 'Milk & Honey' and 'The Sun & Her Flowers'. Milk & Honey is about the trauma the author went through as a young child. It describes the process of working through this trauma and finding the sweetness in life. The Sun & Her Flowers is about the author's journey of growth and healing. It describes how something needs to die in order to bloom again. ​The illustrations for both books pull underlying themes and symbolism from the poems included- they draw inspiration from Josef Sudek's photography and focus on creating something more simplistic but very meaningful. I also designed a commemorative stamp to go with both books, illustrating a portrait of the author.

Whale Sharks

This concept art depicts a story of someone swimming down into the ocean and finding two beautiful whale sharks. My love and interest in marine animals led me to research whale sharks for this assignment and render them accurately.

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