2024 Grad Show

Aryanna Rebano

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


My name is Aryanna Arlynne Rebaño and I am a character design student. I often use my ability to create as an outlet for my emotions, and being able to create characters was what made it possible to translate it into artwork for people to understand. I love to collect art books from media that I enjoy. Seeing all the process and knowing the decisions it took to get to the final product is what excites me. It challenges me to leave my comfort zone and explore new skills I have yet to discover on my own. I hope to inspire someone to do the same with my art one day!

Art of Attraction

"Attraction" is a 2D action-adventure game that follows our main character Mothly, who is bored of living inside for most of his life. He desires to venture out and discover new places that he grew up listening to. Until one night, he sees a mysterious light glowing just outside the village’s exit. Curiously, he follows the light and his long awaited adventure of discovery starts now!

Artifact Illustration

Brand Advertisement

My main program for these animations is After Effects!

Ghost Sightings!

Illustrating concepts you cannot see!

Sound Visualization

Story and Environment

Illustrating an environment inspired from a Canadian poem, title "Spell of Yukon" written by Robert Service.

Teeming with Life

The Hunt for Bounty!

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