2024 Grad Show

Brylee Adrian

AUArts Grad Show Screenshot


Intrigued by its potential to assist in expanding my creativity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) pushes my art practice into investigating the process of artmaking, artistic expression and ethical considerations while working within a human and technology artmaking relationship. AI in my work serves as a metaphor for corruption and uncertainty bringing me uneasiness in my process. I gravitate towards using soft shapes, colour palettes and painterly brush strokes to give me a sense of comfort and familiarity within the uneasiness of AI’s unfamiliarity as it rapidly develops. Within my work, I create familiar abstracted created realities, a concept consisting of crafting environments that evoke a sense of familiarity drawn from personal experience while manipulating these realities through human and AI abstraction. Bridging digital space (Adobe Photoshop, Procreate created by Savage Interactive, Dream AI created by Wombo) and the physical world, I bring digital art into the physical world through painting on canvas and photography printing techniques. This furthers my relationship between technology and human influence within my process. I have discovered while working with AI that it serves as a valuable tool for expanding how you can approach artmaking. However, I firmly believe that deliberate artistic communication and human-level intelligence within my work allow for conceptual depth beyond AI’s capabilities. By implementing AI into my art practice, I navigate the complexities of contemporary artmaking, humanity, technology and intelligence.

Digital Space Analysis

AI Animal Recreation

Artificial Expectations

Entering Domestic Video Games

Photo Manipulation Play

Photoshop Focus

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