2024 Grad Show

Brit Bacon

AUArts Grad Show 273027387_2199902650175502_5193615694326460735_n


Brit is someone who thrives on world-building and the creation of characters within those worlds. It is important to them as an artist to keep one’s imagination wide open to the never-ending possibilities that could come from the deepest reaches of the mind. They love playing with the whimsical, the fantastical, the emotional, and the magical. Storytelling is an imperative aspect of accomplishing this, which is done with imagery and less so with words. From acrylic to watercolour, to graphite to digital painting, Brit believes that their work reflects the flexible and ever-flowing nature that ebbs and flows with their whims and desires versus what is expected of them as an artist, allowing for the freedom to make as they feel.

Dungeons & Dragons

A small collection of my Dungeons & Dragons characters.


Two experiments in photography, from my Photoshop class.

Style Emulation: GRIS

For a project, we were to pick a side-scrolling video game, create a new ending for it, all while emulating the style. I chose Gris for this assignment, and I still am fond of it to this day.

The Stories of Bean

A collection of works related to a creature made to represent my self-identity.

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