2024 Grad Show

Chanelle Black

AUArts Grad Show IMG_20240519_0001

Jewellery & Metals

Building community and connection through art projects is the foundation of my art practice. I’ve continued to explore jewellery forms and processes that encourage people to connect to each other and jewellery in fun and interactive ways. My work encourages interaction through play, movement, color, wearability, and materials. I’m interested in experimenting with various materials, and my recent focus has incorporated paper to create large installations, and digital media to create animations. I have found activity and collaboration to be essential components to my art practice in creating spaces and jewellery that encourage connection and community building.


Interconnected is an interactive and colorful archway formed by paper links that were assembled by volunteers and myself. The concept for this project is about community and was inspired by jump ring processes. Jump rings are used in jewellery making to connect two or more components together. I created a paper jump ring to connect other paper links together to form a chain. This project was an opportunity for connecting with people and connecting them to jewellery making processes.

Loops and Jump Rings

What happens when jewellery processes and animation processes are brought together? The result of this question is explored through my project Loops and Jump Rings. Jump rings are made up of metal wire that forms a ring by bringing the two ends together. Animation loops also require the two ends of a timeline to meet to create a continuous loop. The connection between these two practices is what I decided to explore and play with to create a one-second animation that continuously loops.

Wear and Connect

Wear and Connect is a twenty-foot-long chain made up of twelve crocheted rings that are linked together. Each crocheted ring can be worn as a neckpiece, which gives the opportunity for shared wearability between multiple people.

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