2024 Grad Show

Cleo Shedden

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1194

Print Media

The land and the femme body are entities in their own right, yet both are exploited and subjugated consistently and suffer at the hands of those that feel they have a right to dominate them. Through employing an open-ended and interdisciplinary approach to printmaking, I use my art practice as an avenue for exploration of both the land and the body, and the interwoven and alike politics that negatively impact these two things. Though my artistic influences are widely varied, I focus largely on researching female artists as I feel a stronger connection to femme practices through a sense of shared experience. I feel that there will always be more research to be done on the land, our treatment of it, and the connections between femme body politics and land ownership, especially in a province like Alberta. By continuing to research these topics and their correlations and causations, my work connects these issues and emphasizes the need to resolve them.

Print Work

My recent work in print!

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