2024 Grad Show

Christina Young

AUArts Grad Show profile

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Nice to meet you! My name is Christina Young and I'm a graphic designer based in Calgary, Alberta. I’m a versatile creative thinker who’s passionate about what I do. I think the most satisfying thing in the world is coming up with a big crazy idea and then watching it come to life after countless hours of hard work.
I’m motivated by curiosity and a desire to explore, experiment, and try new stuff— I'm one of those people who always seems to be picking up a new hobby. I've always been interested in problem solving and storytelling, which is what led me to design in the first place. I believe that visual communication has the ability to speak to more people more effectively than words alone ever could.
Outside of design, my creative practice includes printmaking, fibre arts, and all kinds of mixed media exploration, and I’ll gladly talk for hours about my recent projects if given the chance. When I’m not working on something creative you can probably find me gaming, watching movie-length video essays on YouTube, or hanging out with my dog.

Lane Magazine

Lane magazine is a quarterly publication by Calgary residents, for Calgary residents. This magazine aims to explore the memories and emotional ties embedded into the city’s landscape that might otherwise be overlooked. Lane inspires involvement and connection by encouraging readers to explore Calgary through the eyes of their peers and start to think about their own emotional connections to the place they call home. The full magazine is available online: https://heyzine.com/flip-book/253b7945d4.html
Made in collaboration with Alayna Schmidt and Zitong Liu.

Snap! A Cerrado Adventure

Brazil's Cerrado region is comparable in size and importance to the neighbouring Amazon Rainforest, but very few people are even aware of its existence. Snap! A Cerrado Adventure was created to teach people about this vulnerable region. Through the medium of a video game, players can learn about the Cerrado in a fun and relaxing experience that will hopefully prompt them to do more research about how to help the species that live there. The full game can be played here: https://cy444.itch.io/snap-a-cerrado-adventure

Wellspring Seed Co.

Wellspring’s goal is to introduce a wider audience to the benefits of indoor gardening and growing your own produce. By offering the most essential part of the process (the seeds) as well as detailed educational resources, Wellspring hopes to get more young people into gardening by showing them it’s easier and more accessible than they think.

Antia Hotel Identity System

Antia is a hotel identity concept for an exclusive resort in Antarctica, where guests stay in luxury camping pods and enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities. The resort's identity is luxurious while still conveying the adventurous spirit of those who stay there. We were inspired by the natural forms of glaciers and the terrain in Antarctica, and combined these organic forms with sleek, geometric typography to create a visual identity that's as unique as the experience of staying at the resort.
Made in collaboration with Cassandra de Vries.

The Tamagotchi Breeder

An experimental piece for an original article from Vice magazine. The objective was to create an editorial design that expressed the essence of the chosen article. I drew inspiration from early 2000s tween magazines and the Tamagotchi collector community to create a fun and unusual reading experience that reflects the content of the article itself.

Print Media: Selected Works

Some of the print-based work I've made throughout my time at AUArts.

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