2024 Grad Show

Dylan Lake

AUArts Grad Show Lake_Dylan_Portrait

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hi there, I’m Dylan Lake (he/they/she)! I’m an artist, illustrator, character designer, and animator residing in Calgary, AB. I’m a recent graduate of Alberta University for the Arts, earning my Bachelor of Design majoring in Character Design and Illustration, and minoring in Animation. My professional career as an artist started long before university however. At just thirteen, I began vending my work at various art festivals, the most notable being the Edmonton Whyte Avenue Art Walk. After over five years of vending, it was clear my goal was to pursue a professional career as an artist. While attending AUArts, I have had several opportunities to display my work. I organized the group pop-up gallery “Son of a Pitch” in 2023, as well as co-organized and displayed my work in the pop-up galleries: “just some li’l guys”, and the following “just some more li’l guys” in 2023 and ‘24 respectively. My work was also featured in the 2023 zine anthology: “Fractured Fairy Tales”, by the Eat Paint Collective.

I primarily work in digital illustration, with elements of digital collage, and have a style focused on bold line art and vibrant colours. I’m also proficient in vector design, and try my hand at digital painting here and there. My body of work largely revolves around a lifelong interest in mythology, folklore, magic, and overall fantasy. With a particular interest in monsters, cryptids, fey and the like. This, combined with a love for dramatic makeup and fashion, I find creates an interesting ‘look’, somewhere within the urban-fantasy genre. My work is heavily inspired by some of my favorite pastimes: board games and TTRPGs (especially D&D), comic books and graphics novels, cartoons and anime, and especially fantasy novels and movies.


Work which features characters integrated into scenes (combining environment and text). Work in which the entirety of the story is to be captured in the singular image.

Character Design

Work which focuses on concepts and finalized designs for characters who are to play a role in the story, and whose designs: their colour palettes, shape language, costuming, mannerisms, and actions, are intended to convey a story on their own.

Character Design- Process

Process for character and costume design; ideation on various concepts.

Environment Design

Work which focuses on concepts and finalized designs for environments in which the story is to take place, or where a story is being communicated solely through an environment: it's lighting, texture, colour palette, set design, and object design.

Environment Design- Process

Process for environment and object design; ideation on various concepts.

Video and Animation

Work which features animated, or otherwise motion-based elements.

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