2024 Grad Show

Esther Chu

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Growing up in a musical household with a background in piano, obtaining a degree in Geophysics, and then obtaining my second degree in Graphic Design, my journey as an artist was one with a winding road. It wasn't always clear to me what I wanted to do in life, but after taking a leap of enrolling into AUArts I knew I could use my artistic ability for not only self-expression, but help bring to reality the ideas of other people. With my experience in both Graphic Design and Illustration, I want to become a well-rounded individual that can help others with any visual dilemmas that comes their way.

My Secret Stash

"My Secret Stash" is a proposal for a sweets-shipping company that seeks to reduce waste produced from candy wrappers all year round, especially during Halloween. This delivery service caters to sweet connoisseurs with a monthly subscription that handpicks candy of your choice directly from the manufacturer prior from wrapping, all packed into a box that opens up with secret compartments. Each compartment has special symbols that can be decoded with a small envelope describing what candies are included in the packaging, and the whole packaging will be entirely compostable by using PCR cardboard, sustainable molded pulp, food-friendly paper wrappers, and recyclable glass jars for candy for airtight seals.

Enchanter's Whiskey

This collaborative effort with Yike Xie and Jaemin Jung created "Enchanter's Whiskey", a magically-themed liquor brand that offers an immersive fantasy narrative for the same people that enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. Using beautiful illustrations on glass bottles, we seek to give people an escapism from reality by emulating an experience of stepping into a potion shop from a fantasy novel.

Fossil Record

Partnered alongside Clara Strum, Fossil Record is a dinosaur magazine made for nerdy adults. Unlike National Geographic and other dinosaur magazines that have a broader focus on science, our primary focus are on artistic and visual elements of paleontology, offering a window into the minds of daydreaming Paleo Artists.

Quorese Anatomy

Based on an alien species in Zenkora, a fantasy creation about a fictional universe with countless stories, the Quorese are one of the many intelligent races that evolved faster than the human race. With the appearance of a humanoid bird with morphing capabilities, human encounters with this alien species would oftentimes be mistaken for an angel.

Underwater Buffet

This family-friendly infographic poster makes learning about whale falls more approachable, especially for those that are sensitive to gore.

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