2024 Grad Show

Elora Kiddle

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I am a digital and fine artist with a diverse portfolio that encompasses brand design, typographic booklets, information design, and motion graphics. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am dedicated to painting and illustrating. My multidisciplinary approach stems from the belief that creative problem solving necessitates innovative methods. I am passionate about my field and constantly seek new opportunities to challenge and expand my skills.
Outside of designing and painting you can catch me travelling the world, hiking, playing the ukulele, or exploring new hobbies such as cooking.


Milk& addresses the declining milk consumption in Canada by offering a fresh, convenient, and health-focused product designed for individuals on the go. Crafted for those seeking success, balance, and well-being, Milk& provides a nourishing daily boost through its four variations sold in bottles. The brand's design features an ampersand as a central element, enhancing recognition and consistency across packaging and marketing materials. The logo's organic shapes and curves evoke the fluidity of a balanced lifestyle, making Milk& an appealing choice for those committed to hard work and self-care.

Spur & Stir

Step into the heart of Calgary's vibrant cowboy culture at our downtown restaurant, where urban flair meets rustic charm. Inspired by the beloved Stampede, we've crafted a permanent tribute to this iconic lifestyle, inviting both locals and tourists to indulge in a year-round celebration of cowboy heritage. With exciting cuisine and a spirited ambiance, our guests embark on a journey of taste and spirit, embracing authenticity, community, and adventure with every savoury bite and lively moment.

Table Talk Mag

Calling all Table Talkers – whether you are a game fanatic, or a fresh faced rookie. We're firm believers that games aren't just a way to escape reality, they're your ticket to unplugging, connecting, and keeping your brain sharp. Say goodbye to boredom bias because our magazine is your ultimate destination for the coolest games, insider tips you didn't know you needed, and a daily dose of nostalgia-infused fun! We blend vintage charm with a modern twist, speaking to the fun-loving soul inside each of us. Ready to join the party? Come on board and let's get this game on a roll.

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