2024 Grad Show

Emma Tarasoff

AUArts Grad Show Maybea Instagram 2024

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hello! My name is Emma, I'm a character Designer who specializes in Medieval Fantasy and Monsters. I have a love for storytelling with the goal of illustrating the journey of self discovery, through the perspective of monsters or individuals in different stages of life. I'm a fan of bright colours, textures and know so many animal facts, that play a role in my art development. My hopes is to one day be part of a team and to help make characters be alive in their story.

"FlatLand Circus" Character Design

The Process Work for my original story "Flatland Circus"

Narnia Book Design

I was tasked with creating a book design with an existing series, then create a Cover, spine and stamp for the final. I choose Narnia for this project, with the addition to add a theatrical setting for the series, creating the designs for books meant to be read out loud like a script to a play.

Red Riding Hood Process Book

Created with the goal to reimagine a existing Fairy Tales and create a different version of the story. My goal for this version of "Red Riding Hood" was to Illustrate to children the dangers of cold, and how important it is to wear the proper attire to avoid frostbite.

Singular Works

Works that were made independently, or act as individual works.

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