2024 Grad Show

James Kieper

AUArts Grad Show 20240524_220343


James Kieper is a visual artist skilled in a variety of mediums, from traditional drawing materials such as pencils or chalk, to less conventional forms such as digital art or photography. Important to that practice is conveyance of energy in form, the active movement of life but also the stillness of death.

Number 22

Chalk lines on collected pieces of found scrap wood. The wood has been treated with a blackboard paint giving it a blackboard feel in both texture and appearance. Streams of chalk lines streak across the boards, from physically present ones, to the phantoms of erased lines and even imaginary ones concocted by the minds eye. The scrap wood boards have then been arranged in one large collected form allowing the lines and the board pieces to interact in a slow waltz of ever intensifying complexity.

Additional Numbers

Additional pieces of the chalkboard scrap wood with line work concept.

Photographic Works, Assorted

An assorted collection of photographic works, arranged in order of production as a timeline of photographic development process.

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