2024 Grad Show

Kayleska Blake

AUArts Grad Show Blake_Kayleska_Artist_Portrait 2023

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Kayleska Blake

A 4th generation Ukrainian-Canadian With a special interest in pixel art and character design as well as cross-stitch. Recently invested in exploring horror and nostalgia; she has been developing a video game using techniques that mix real imagery and textiles with the sharp, clean swirls of pixel medium.

Acrid Tales

The Baba Yaga and Red Riding Hood characters interpreted as side scroller horror game sprites.


An exploratory pixel medium comic page, spoofing a familiar fairytale.

Children's Illustration


Based on a nightmare.

Little Old Owl Folk

Hootimer and Mabel Squabblebeak, an old married couple that live in an old magic oak tree.

No Mountain High Enough

I explored depicting nature more in this series while using a medium with sharp, square edges. The colour palettes chosen are to reflect the progression of time with overcast afternoon, moody evening, blazing sunset and glowing, moonlit night. The character travels to a remote location yet is being followed constantly by a humanoid creature just out of sight.

Streaming Vixen

This piece aims to explore the links between craft and pixel medium. The consideration of each square on a grid, yet different results from the same design. Curious how the meaning and value shifts.

Twisted Tale

A twist on the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel based on my research into the original tale and my own flare. I pictured them as old-style point and click adventure game protagonists and created a mockup of those game manuals that used to come with physical copy games.

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