2024 Grad Show

Kera DeRoo


Within my practice I have been exploring the different species of flowers and how they operate in connection to emotions and ideas centered around mental health. Flowers can be used as a way of communication and be given to others with the intent of a specific meaning, my paintings are meant to operate in the same way, a bouquet of flowers given to the viewer.

In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom showcases a selection of paintings featuring a verity of different flowers and how they can be used to communicate vastly different emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Bright and colorful flowers placed together to form a garden, the individual collections of flowers each have a different story and tie to an element of mental health, the positive and the negative.

Take Part

Take Part, shows different participation-based artworks, that invite the viewer to interact with the artwork, and in some cases take some of that artwork home with them.

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