2024 Grad Show

Kim Holter

AUArts Grad Show Screenshot

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

I am a character designer, illustrator, and arts educator whose artistic practice has been shaped by my passion for working with children. In my everyday life, I actively look at the world around me with a childlike perspective, searching for the whimsy and wacky in the mundane. I use this imaginative exploration in my work, making art with a young audience in mind.

Loathsome Legends

This comic is an excerpt from a larger story about Alex, a bold young girl who discovers the dark truth about the Tooth Fairy and other mythical creatures and makes it her mission to stop them. In this section, Alex stakes out her friend Brandon’s house, waiting to trap and interrogate the Tooth Fairy.

Li'l Chinchilla: Adventures in the Console

These images are a selection of pages from a larger video game visual development book based on my earlier dummy book "The Little Chinchilla Who Wanted to Grow Up."

The Little Chinchilla Who Wanted to Grow Up

In this dummy children’s book, a young chinchilla wants to grow up too soon and learns that maybe it’s best to stay a kid a while longer.

The Ravens

An adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” this imagined children’s animation follows a young bird who becomes separated from his family and has to rely on the help of a moody older raven to find his way home.

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