2024 Grad Show

Kari Hutton

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1281

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hi, I'm Kari (any pronouns) and I am a Illustrator/Designer living in Calgary, Alberta. I've always had an interest in alternative aesthetics and I incorporate that into my work, whether through design elements or the characters themselves. I strive to create work that challenges the social norm and is innovative to design. When I'm not working on art, you can find me at my computer playing The Sims 4, or on my couch watching anime.


A comic developmental book for my story Landslide. It's a collection of concept art for the hypothetical comic, including main characters, side characters, and environments.


Ladykiller is a fake alcohol brand made for my Illustration class. Ladykiller takes stereotypically feminine cocktails and markets them towards men. My main inspiration was Liquid Death, a water brand that tries to make drinking water "cool".

Monster Energy

After doing some research into the brand, I noticed that Monster Energy doesn't target a specific demographic that I would argue is one of their biggest. This project was meant to correct that by introducing three collectible cans as well as some social media branding.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow was part of a group project for an Illustration class. Our group took classical horror stories and rework them into children's animated movies, under the fictional company of Grimm Studios. I picked Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and turned it into a movie for an audience of 10-13. Our group decided to make a DVD cover, a DVD, and a promotional poster. Studio logo by Madison Carey.

Tim Horton's Ad

A Tim Horton's ad campaign geared towards their goal of becoming more "green" and changing out plastics for compostable materials and/or materials made from plants. My main idea for this set was a cut paper effect to mimic the idea of compostable paper cups. They also want to move to more organic ingredients, and I reflected that with the donut poster.

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