2024 Grad Show

Kelly Liang

AUArts Grad Show IMG_7692

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hello! I'm Kelly. I am a graphic designer with experience in branding, typography, editorial design, motion graphics and advertising. I have honed a versatile skill set that allows me to explore and tackle a variety of creative challenges and experiments.

Since childhood, I have always been a creative person with a keen eye for detail, fuelled by my love for the arts. My goal as a designer is to bring fresh perspectives to everywhere I go and push towards endless boundaries.

Hoshi: The Stars

An Independent Film Festival celebrating East-Asian films and filmmakers. Hoshi derived from the Japanese word meaning star. This brand seeks importance for creative expression to be seen from international filmmakers and not only limited to Western idealization of "blockbuster" movies. Storytelling and artistic expression can be understood the same way; guided by the cinematography and the emotions and feelings portrayed by the characters despite having a language barrier. Hoshi entices its viewers to a new perspective; to see the light in the hidden stars.

In collaboration with:
Lauren Bush https://www.laurenbushdesign.com/

Bad Decisions

This project entails a kinetic typography or lyric video that uses a balance of typography and shapes. Focusing on a sequence related to a song called Bad Decisions by Benny Blanco, BTS and Snoop Dogg. The song is described as a euphoric, flirtatious and upbeat pop song about infatuation, being in love/having a crush and how we usually make bad decisions when love conquers and lose reasoning to our thoughts and actions. Though, sometimes it might be good to make bad decisions. The characteristics of this sequence will focus on the upbeat and lighthearted feelings portrayed in the song and incorporating visuals represented in modern dating culture.

Free Spirit Magazine

Free Spirit is a magazine dedicated to the art of crafting sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails, known as mocktails, providing a platform for individuals to elevate their beverage experiences without the need for alcohol. This magazine actively promotes and embraces alcohol-free living and caters to individuals who choose to abstain from alcohol for any reason.

In collaboration with:
Jayden Manzara https://www.jaydenmanzara.com/


A restaurant brand identity for a Japanese Kitchen and bar. Taking into consideration of the fresh bustling city of Calgary and its growing population, this restaurant will set the standards for local hospitality with visual language that reflects a contemporary approach to traditional Japanese and Asian minimalism, sensibility, textures and imagery.

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