2024 Grad Show

Kennedy Roberts

AUArts Grad Show unnamed

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hey there! I'm a dedicated designer with a passion for creating jaw-dropping visuals. Whether it is branding that tells a story, or packaging that pops off the shelf, or advertisements that stop you in your tracks, you can count me in. I love tackling a range of projects and always dive in headfirst. Fueled by a passion to combine artistry with emotion, I strive to combine beautiful graphics that resonate with anyone who encounters them to create a lasting impression.
Armed with an iced coffee in hand and a perfectly curated playlist I am ready to take on design challenges big or small. I embrace life with love and a quirky humour that leaves every room I enter a little brighter and full of energy.

Italian Cook Book

This Italian cook book covers the intricacies of the humble biscotti. Tracing it's origins, history, and cultural impact throughout the various regions of Italy. With a range of sweet and savory recipes this cook book has something for everyone. The design of this cook book is intended to feel warm and cozy, just like stepping into a grandma's kitchen. With it's warm and inviting nature this cook book welcomes readers into the wonders of the simple biscotti.

Fiore Gin

Fiore is a premium line of Plymouth gin crafted for women by women. Fiore was created as a gin line that is modern and luxurious without being too traditional or pretentious. Fiore is meant to make customers feel confident and comfortable in their liquor choice.

Tapistry Magazine

This projects is a full magazine written and designed by myself. This magazine covers everything you need to know about sour beer - from how it is made to the best sour beers in Canada, this magazine is educational, entertaining, and sure to pack a punch.


YETI, the brand we all know for making a range of products that are made for the outdoors, after all their slogan is "built for adventure." This campaign focuses on the YETI cooler. Now we all know coolers keep our drinks icy cold, but they hold more. Living the YETI lifestyle means adventure, and when we live this lifestyle we build memories. And YETI’s cooler is right there with consumers for every adventure to keep drinks cold, and memories locked in.

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