2024 Grad Show

Lindsay Cullen

AUArts Grad Show Untitled Artwork

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am an illustration major who enjoys creating decorative illustrations, patterns, posters, whimsical visuals, etc. My work is inspired by organic shapes, florals, retro motifs, and the nature around us. Colour also has a big presence in my work, often bright and vivid. I use both traditional and digital art methods as I like to combine them. I hope to create lively illustrations that can enhance any space they reside!

Pattern Designs

Pattern designs inspired by nature, using a mix of traditional and digital colouring.


band, music, and advertisement posters

Fairy Coloring Book

Fairy Colouring Book concept for kids inspired by insects and nature! Each fairy has a unique design and a fun doll-inspired outfit style

Cover Art

album art, book covers, etc


assorted collection

Information Illustration

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