2024 Grad Show

Mary Babichuk

AUArts Grad Show IMG_3526


My work discusses the human exploitation of our world’s resources and how in return, it is affecting bird populations on a global scale. Scientific research on bird species populations and influences of Jude Griebel and Kate Clark frames the conversation of global bird conservation through an eco-activist lens. This allows me to create space for compassion and education within the contemporary art world and within my own practice to give a voice to our bird species. Our world's bird species are often associated with new beginnings, hope, freedom, or joy. Despite their symbolic associations, bird species, no matter their location, are sentinels for our world’s flora and fauna. The existence of birds alone assists us in understanding our ecosystems and the environments it surrounds. Furthermore, as the world continues straining against the pollution, greed, ignorance, and corruption we emit, it leaves me worried and questioning; when the birds go, what happens to us?

Scarlet Ibis

Dying Love


Alberta Birds


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