2024 Grad Show

Mouse Brown

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Wild West in Space

Project where we took two disparate genres and combined them to create an interesting world or environment. My project combined sci-fi and western, with insects as the inspiration for the alien designs.

Serket Nassyr

Steps of exploration in the character design process. The character in question is a fantasy character created for Dungeons & Dragons, Serket Nassyr the Yuan-Ti (serpent humanoid) Paladin.

Book Cover Concepts

Various book cover concepts, with each cover exploring a different aspect of symbolism utilized to inform and entice readers with the contents of the books (literally, judging the book by it's cover).

Genre Swap- Howl's Moving Castle

The purpose of this assignment was to take a book in a specific genre, illustrate an interior and exterior for the setting focusing on environmental storytelling, and then switch the genre. I chose to reinterpret Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones as I love her whimsical fantasy settings and wanted to attempt to bring her world to life.



Series of 4 ink paintings with digital text overlayed to create a story emphasizing the everyday horror of agoraphobia. The scenery depicted is from areas in Prince's Island Park.

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