2024 Grad Show

Madison Carey

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hello! My name is Maddie Carey! I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I specialize in visual storytelling, drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics and introducing a modern twist. My work is often typography focused and often involves vibrant colours, nature and patterns. While my work is primarily digital design, I take pleasure in incorporating traditional elements into my work. Following graduation, I hope to continue to hone my craft and collaborate with fellow passionate artists.

Needle Magazine

Needle is a niche magazine dedicated to exploring the intricate world of vinyl record collecting. Our mission is to provide quality community-driven content, fostering meaningful connections among our readership. With a focus on inclusivity, our magazine seeks to cultivate an environment where young enthusiasts can comfortably discover new music and share their findings. The newest edition of Needle, titled "Queer Soundscapes," delves into the rich contributions of 2SLGBTQIA+ artists and collectors within the realm of vinyl culture.

This project was created in VSCD 420 - Editorial Design.

Pride & Prejudice Book Cover

In this Pride & Prejudice book cover design, the charm of Jane Austen’s classic story has been adapted to instead focus on queer love. By reimagining the iconic tale through a modern lens, this adaptation aims to introduce Austen's captivating narrative to a diverse and contemporary audience. The cover design is inspired by classic hardback books and is modernized through a clean and vibrant illustration style.

This project was created in VSCI 426 - Classic Books.

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