2024 Grad Show

Matthew Roberts

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Visual Communications Design
Character Design and Illustration Major
Comics Minor

Profile image courtesy of Nora Hanako

Digital Artworks and Posters

Collection of digital artworks and posters created as stand alone assignments for classes.

Horus Heresy Mock-ups

Two book cover mock-ups to redesign Games Workshop's hit book series "The Horus Heresy"
Both mock-ups was done with mixed media. Traditional line work and digital colours.

Society's Outliers character turn-arounds

Collection of Character Turn arounds and expression sheets used in the concept art book.
Each page was done traditionally on a 11 x1 7 spread and then imported into Adobe InDesign.
This collection showcases some of the major characters created to be used in the graphic novel "Society's Outliers".

Society's Outliers Coloured Collection

Collection of mix media pieces used as concept art for a graphic novel pitch.
This set are some of the coloured drawings created for Society's Outliers.
Each drawing was pencilled and inked traditionally, then scanned and coloured digitally.

Most of my final school years was dedicated towards creating a concept art book to be used as my portfolio.

Society's Outliers line work

Collection of Black & White comic panels created for the concept art book.
Each drawing was pencilled and inked traditionally.

The purpose of each was to demo characters in their enviroment.

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