2024 Grad Show

Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith

AUArts Grad Show MUSmith_Headshot

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I am and artist and writer with an interest in drawing, comics and print media. I often use my work to explore anxieties related to bodily autonomy, loss, environmental damage and uncertainty surrounding the future, frequently using the uncanny and macabre to address and reckon with these anxieties. I am also interested in architecture, specifically the ways in which the banal, everyday aspects of built environments can be transformed through unusual lighting and framing.
I enjoy combining the recognizable, iconic qualities of architectural and scientific illustration with more abstract types of imagery to create work that is impactful and engaging yet subtle in its messaging and suggestion of narrative.


Book Illustration

Come Back

Come Back is a forty page horror comic that tells the story of A., a woman who wakes up from a nap to discover that her hands have inexplicably changed position as she slept. These are some of my favourite pages.

Four Short Comics

Four Short Comics is (unsurprisingly) a collection of very short comics adapted from a variety of sources. Each one was manually screenprinted and collected into a small book.

Unfathomable Accumulation

Unfathomable Accumulation is a series of etchings that address microplastics pollution- the environmental accumulation of plastic particles smaller than 5mm- and speculate on the future effects of this pollution.

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