2024 Grad Show

Nyah Yaretz

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Living with chronic pain is a harsh reality for a vast amount of individuals, many of which face stigmatization due to the unending nature of a “condition” that is otherwise expected to improve or heal. Unfortunately, I am not the only one; feminized chronic pain is often stigmatized as being fake, or period pain, and treatments are considered a ‘luxury’ within the healthcare system. Through my artwork, I explore the pervasive impacts of social stigmatization surrounding chronic pain along with its implication on personal identity. My work serves as a method for processing the complexities of chronic pain and navigating medical and social systems, particularly in the context of feminized pain. These ideas manifest in the form of combined symbolism to create relationships between different forms of recognizable imagery such as my paintings which subvert the classic “inspiration” posters. The poster reimagined creates a sarcastic version of something originally meant to be “life changing.” These recognizable elements allow the viewer to make connections informed by sarcastic and humorous text incorporated into the work within the context of chronic pain experiences.

With various medical appointments there is a constant repetition of sharing intimate details of my life, which makes it difficult to draw boundaries for myself between medical professionals and my peers. My work is often clean and precise to replicate the environment of medical clinics and draws a boundary between my peers that I am unable to have with my medical team. This grants me control over how my story is portrayed and retains a sense of privacy. The viewer is not entitled to every detail of my life or my condition.

Through narration, I confront both internalized doubts and misconceptions, fostering a platform for normalization and dialogue surrounding chronic pain. My work seeks to facilitate a better understanding surrounding the diverse experiences of chronic pain and ultimately foster a more inclusive community.

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