2024 Grad Show


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VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Paityn is a two-spirit illustrator with ancestral roots in both Métis and Cree bands. They grew up in Treaty No. 1 (Winnipeg, MB) and are currently living in Treaty No.7 (Calgary, AB).

Their work is informed by their Indigenous heritage, their connection to the natural world and the spiritual essence of the Creator. Drawing from the traditions of Cree woodland art and the intricate beauty of Métis beadwork, their style is a unique synthesis, enriched by their illustration skills.

LA PRAYRII “prairie”

11'' X 14''
This is piece was an installation in collaboration with CIF Reconciliation Society & on exhibit at Rotary Park, Calgary. The prairies is where I call home. Included within is a hand picked bundle of white sage & prairie smoke, all repeated within the illustration.

MATWAYSHIN “thumping”

8.5'' x 11''
This piece highlights my experience being apart of traditional hand drumming ceremonies. Rabbit’s rapidly drum both of their back feet as a way of communicating; it reminds others of their surroundings.


11” X 14”
This piece reflects the ongoing change we all experience. It features sage, rose hips, Indian paintbrush and a weevil in a grub & beetle phase. All items come from across Canada, connecting my own changing phases.


8'' X 8''
This piece features a wolf howling, celebrating a meal. The circular motifs surrounding it represent the spirit.

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