2024 Grad Show

Patrician Todinescu

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As a storyteller, I am constantly envisioning different scenarios, characters, and settings. This is where my passion lies and what motivates me to continue creating, regardless of the medium I choose to work with. My creative direction is open-ended, allowing me to explore a range of mediums and themes.

We live in an age of individual self-expression where anyone can upload exactly who they are and what they want to be onto social media, connecting with millions of people from across the world, but this can take our attention away from our own true self.
My practice revolves around creating thought provoking pieces that prompt the viewer into looking inward and exploring the rich inner world within each of us.


This silent short film delves into the transformative power of the Internal Family Systems therapy model.
It is crucial to truly understand and embrace oneself in order to cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships with others. Each individual must take ownership of their own mental and emotional well-being, so as not to inadvertently impose their struggles onto those around them.
This film aims to encourage viewers to empower themselves through self-awareness and embark on a journey towards emotional liberation and healthier connections with the world around you.

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