2024 Grad Show

Rianna Hodgson

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hello! I am a graphic designer who is graduating from AUArts. I specialize in brand design, developing and refreshing brand identities. I’m well versed in typography and graphic design, but I love to infuse my work with illustrative elements! Creating for myself and others has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy taking on new challenges and pushing myself in the creative space.

Through my work, I aim to create conversation and visual intrigue, all while remembering to have fun, since design should be enjoyable!

The Hoosiers Editorial Spread

I created an editorial spread using the article, “The Hoosiers Are Back With Confidence! ” by Elizabeth Shepherd featured in Jejune Magazine. Since The Hoosiers are an indie-band I drew inspiration from collage and handmade posters, and other magazine spreads and covers featuring indie-bands.

The photos used were taken by Rachel Oates, Alex Brown and Michael Mavor. They were edited by me.

Lirika Matoshi Perfume

I created a perfume based on Lirika Matoshi’s iconic Strawberry Dress that went viral in 2020. This perfume would be part of a set, inspired by her other fruit dresses.
I took inspiration from the fruit dresses and the delicateness of her other work to create the design elements on the package and bottle.

Razia's Shadow: A Musical Retrospective Poster

This is a poster I created outlining one of my favourite musicals, Razia's Shadow by Forgive Durden. It featured many different alternative bands from the 2000s. I took inspiration from the artwork created for the musical for the design elements.


I challenged myself to create a new 50th anniversary line for Roots since I thought that the line that they had out could be pushed further. I wanted to give it a refresh while keeping the basic design elements of their brand.
I called back to Algonquin Provincial Park by using woodsy colours and imagery to develop the design direction.


We created wayfinding and branding for a symphony that would be performing in the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium using type, simple patterns and shapes called RUCKUS.
RUCKUS is a kid’s symphony that creates multiple shows displaying popular, family-friendly music from cartoons, movies and video games. We embraced organized chaos within our designs, using bright, fun colours, musical lettering and chaotic patterns.

Ben Fiell
Megan Janett

SHOP: A Pop Opera Promo Poster

This is a promotional poster I created for the short, SHOP: A Pop Opera, by Jack Stauber that aired on Adult Swim. The poster is created using a mix of mediums, such as collage, sculpture and photo editing since SHOP and Jack Stauber’s other work uses a mix of mediums.

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