2024 Grad Show

Stephanie One Spot

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Working with a light-weight material such as saran wrap allowed me to express the transparency of life through death and death through life that starts at birth. In my studio practice I investigate oral Traditional storytelling and illustrate themes into my art using a variety of materials such as acrylic, photography, digital art, trees, dirt, other organic and natural materials, spoken word and projection. I started to explore forms, the anatomy of the human figure and the breakdown of what and where the spirit comes from and what happens during the threshold of life and in the instant of death. Without concentrating on the trauma and hardships of death in its own, I wanted to illustrate the wondrous and beautiful moment of the journey of the spirit through form and as an absence of time. In the spirit realm, time is non-existent and /or flows different than our world. The sculpture of the pregnant belly allowed me to hold onto the moment of time and illustrate our biological clock ticking at birth and through our spirits journey through the womb and out into our humanism we have an end date. This is represented by the dirt trails that haunts our path as we grow and the flowers that are alive during the womb and but slowly die as they get distant form the belly. All organic material at the end goes back into the earth and thus is born another cycle. This research and sculpture is an interesting way for me to investigate and talk about my personal spirituality without exposing my spirituality, culture and essence as a Dene, Tsuut’ina woman

Time Is of the Essence

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