2020 Grad Show

Leonor Aguero

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VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I'm a petite weirdo who grew up in Venezuela and is now cruising through her creative life of a motion graphics, typography designer and Chocolate enthusiast living and working in Calgary.

DTF Magazine

DTF is a magazine created to empower women to be proud of their bodies and sexual lives. It is for women who are curious and want to learn more about themselves and explore their sex lives. The magazine will create a conversation for readers with similar sexual interests and questions. It will inform readers about how to expand on their sexual activities and to be more aware of the choices and experimentation around them.

Partner - Jordan Bownes

KIND Bars Redesigned

KIND Granola bars need a lot of information displayed on small packaging. Focusing on the allergic to peanuts/tree nuts demographic I designed a new package driven by straight forwards typography for easier finding and eye catching colours. While the bars might not be nut free the point was not make it less confusing for the users who cant eat them.

Finding Aelin

Data Visualization

Designed as a final project for Information design this poster is based on my favorite series of fantasy novels Throne of Glass. I documented the main characters journey to finding herself again. The project was to make data easy to read while maintaining a visual interest to keep the viewer intrigued. Because it was based on a fantasy novel I went for a very old scroll look while also adding
a modern touch with the vibrant colours. It was a challenge but I loved every second of it

Nail Run Promotional Video

As a group project we created a ecological brand for construction products that started with packaging for nails. NAILRUN is interesting because of the problems the product solves. Many nails are currently being sold in plastic, cardboard or mixed packaging (plastic and cardboard combined). We have discovered that there is an opportunity for us to develop a more sustainable, less damaging option. We believe that innovative packaging deserves innovative design. We want to explore the opportunity to create a brand that is transferable across multiple products. My partners and I worked on the whole branding concept and I did the editing and assembling of this promotional video with the elements my partners provided.

Kinetic Type

As a homage to my Latino heritage I wanted to do a fun music video to go with one of my favourite latino songs to jam to. I illustrated and animated with colourful and contrasting scenarios to demonstrate the emotions you feel when listening to this kind of music. I wanted to bring the rhythm of the song to the animation and I really enjoyed the whole process.